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Savage Empire seeks: All Classes & Advanced Classes to start. Over time, we will limit specific AC's if we have a guild over-population.
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About Savage Empire

You MUST register for the Guild on the SW:TOR Official Site at:

Sith Master: Fereldin

Sith Lords: T.B.A.

Server: To be selected
Faction: Empire
Savage Empire News

Cosmic Turbine

John Kuiper, Nov 22, 11 1:11 AM.
If you are part of the Nov.25-27th 2011 Testing Weekend, please try to pick the following Game Server:


You'll be able to pick either Republic and/or Empire here.
I'll be playing both sides, as will many others. Let's have fun and hopefully meet up in game at least for a few quests or heroic missions. I'd like to see how Party Space Combat works. I should be able to continue playing on my Lvl.21 Republic Commando worst case, and he has a ship! See you there!

Weekend Testing: Nov. 25-27

John Kuiper, Nov 21, 11 6:30 PM.
Make sure to check your e-mail associated with the game for an invite, provided you signed-up to beta test SWTOR prior to November 11, 2011.

If you tested on 11.11.11 or signed-up for beta prior to the 11th, you will get an invite to beta test, sometime between the 25th and 27th. The purpose of the over-all beta test is to Stress Test the servers and see how a Staggered Launch will impact their servers - that is their END GOAL - so if you only get to test on Sunday the 27th, that's certainly a drag, but don't forget that they have objectives here, and getting an invite at all is a privilege.

Head over to (provided you already have a login and credentials, and you are already logged-in), and that should tell you if you've been sent a beta invite -- EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN E-MAIL FROM THEM!
The link is always more accurate than an e-mail send-out, especially if you have spam-blockers and so forth that can prevent you from ever seeing it. So check the link often in the next 72 hrs.

If you tested already, you'll need to download 13GB. If you have not, it'll vary from 21 to 27GB. Don't forget that WoW pushes 60GB, so 20GB is not that big of a deal. Hope you all have some fun!

If you have ANY difficulty with running, patching, or otherwise starting the game beta, please go to this thread which will answer just about any type of problem (ps - you can only go here if you're a tester):

Welcome to Savage Empire!

John Kuiper, Mar 23, 11 7:16 PM.
Welcome to the guild web site. We're still filling things out and creating the infrastructure for the site, but over time, we'll add content and try to provide a spot where members and officers can read and contribute to the running of the guild's day to day operations.

What is the Guild's focus? We hope to run Flashpoints and at some point, Operations. Initially, a good portion of the guild members will be accounts coming from World of Warcraft to SW:TOR, from our sister site called 'Savage Darkness'. Some of Savage Empire's Officers will be culled from Savage Darkness members, but in time, we'll look to add some new blood as the guild grows in size and scope.

See you in-game!
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